Teeth Deep Cleaning – Everything You Need to Know


Do you need a dental cleaning? Most people don’t even realize there are different types of dental cleaning services you can request at a dental office. 

For example, dental standard cleaning and dental deep cleaning are terms often used synonymously, but there is a big difference between them. Both services will remove plaque and improve your health, but the main difference has to do with how the gum line is cleaned. 

What is Teeth Deep Cleaning? 

Standard dental cleanings focus on removing plaque and tartar from the teeth and the areas above the gumline. 

However, routine dental cleanings don’t focus on removing harmful bacteria from below the gumline too. If bacteria remain under the gumline for too long, you could develop a severe gum disease like periodontitis. 

Teeth deep cleaning is necessary to sustain excellent oral health and prevent gum disease because it removes the plaque and tartar from the teeth and below and above the gum line. 

While removing bacteria from the teeth and above the gum line is essential, preventing or treating periodontitis requires deep cleanings below the gumline. That is why teeth deep cleanings are vital for preserving your oral health. 

When a dentist removes plaque and tartar from below and above the gum line, it is called dental scaling (or teeth scaling). Ask your dentist about this the next time you get your oral health evaluation.

Do I need a deep cleaning for my teeth?

Any experienced dentist will recommend periodontal cleanings to their patients, whether they have signs of gum disease or not. 

After all, getting a deep gum cleaning is better when you don’t have gum disease because you won’t have to deal with its uncomfortable and dangerous symptoms. 

Here are the common warning signs associated with periodontitis:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Red or swollen gums
  • Receding gum line
  •  Loosening teeth
  • Separating teeth
  • Bad breath
  • Bad taste in your mouth

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms? If so, you need to seek an oral evaluation from a dental professional immediately. A qualified dentist can determine if you need teeth scaling procedure or a standard dental cleaning.

The Benefits of Teeth Deep Cleaning

Cleaning and polishing your teeth are not enough to sustain good oral health. You need to make regular appointments with your dentist for dental scaling too. 

Let’s explore the top five benefits of dental deep cleanings so that you can understand why they are crucial for your overall health.

1) Prevents and Reverses Periodontal Disease 

The number one reason to get teeth deep cleaning is to prevent the progress or formation of periodontal disease. It is the worst kind of gum disease which can cause you to lose your adult teeth if it is not treated quickly.

Dental deep cleanings are the best way to stop periodontal disease before the infection spreads throughout your gumline.

2) Reduces Risk of COPD 

Numerous health studies have indicated that advanced dental cleaning is associated with a reduced risk of COPD, otherwise known as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. 

COPD is a severe chronic inflammatory lung disease capable of blocking air from entering the lungs. Periodontal disease could cause COPD if the gum infection spreads beyond the mouth and enters the lungs. 

As a result, teeth deep cleanings can prevent periodontal disease and COPD. Then you don’t have to worry about waking up one day and having difficulty breathing because of obstructed airways in your lungs. 

3) Prevents Bad Breath 

Plaque can stick to your teeth after eating food. As more plaque accumulates on your teeth, more bacteria will build in your mouth. Then you will develop bad breath from the bacteria. 

Teeth cleanings stop bad breath in your mouth by removing the plaque from your teeth.

4) Prevents Jawbone Deterioration 

Infected gums do more than cause damage to your gums and teeth. They can also deteriorate the strength and density of the jawbone under the teeth. Without a healthy jawbone, your entire mouth will become misshaped as your teeth fall out. 

Periodontal cleanings are essential for protecting the strength and density of your jawbone. Then you can preserve the shape and beauty of your face.   

5) Maintain a Healthy Heart 

Did you know dental cleanings can provide additional health benefits beyond strengthening your oral health? The truth is that teeth cleaning is good for your heart too.

Studies have shown that people with periodontal disease have a three times greater chance of getting a stroke, heart attack, or another severe cardiovascular episode. 

Therefore, deep cleaning your teeth and gums can help maintain a healthy heart.

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Deep Teeth Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps of the teeth deep cleaning procedure?

The teeth deep cleaning procedure will require you to make two appointments after the initial dental evaluation. The first appointment will be for cleaning one side of your mouth, and the second appointment will be for cleaning the other side. 

The dentist injects a local anesthetic into the side of the mouth that will get cleaned during your appointment. The local anesthetic will numb that side of your mouth and prevent you from feeling any pain there. 

Once the local anesthetic takes effect, the dentist will remove tartar from under your gumline by using a small dental tool. The dentist may also target hard-to-reach areas with an ultrasonic device if necessary. 

The same procedure will get done on the other side of your mouth during the second appointment. In addition, follow-up appointments may be necessary if you already have gum disease.

How often do I need to get dental scaling?

Patients with healthy gums and teeth only need to get one dental deep cleaning. However, your dentist will still recommend standard dental cleanings every 3 to 6 months to continue removing tartar and plaque from your teeth and above the gum line.

Is a deep teeth cleaning necessary?

The answer really depends on your current oral health but in some instances yes, a deep teeth cleaning is necessary and beneficial… Keeping your gumline clean and healthy is vital for your jawbone health and overall health. Bad bacteria in your gums can cause serious health issues like gingivitis and jawbone deterioration.  Be sure to talk to your dentist about what’s best for your health!