Wisdom Teeth Removal for Dublin, OH

Are you experiencing significant wisdom teeth pain? Unfortunately, this can be a symptom of teeth that need to be removed. Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars that most patients form in their late teens or early twenties. They typically grow properly without the need for wisdom tooth surgery.

That said, when these new molars clutter your other teeth, your jaw or head may begin to ache. These are the scenarios that call for surgery on some or each of your wisdom teeth.

What to Expect

To keep your teeth strong and pain free, consider a consultation from Bright Smile Dental. With a painless digital x-ray evaluation, we can learn whether your growing wisdom teeth will cause harm years from now and need removal treatment for your wisdom teeth. Our team performs this for patients of all ages from the Dublin, OH area from our clinic.

If they are infected or impacted, your wisdom teeth will need to be removed. The wisdom tooth extraction process is simple and similar to other tooth extractions. Some cases may require further diagnosis, the wisdom tooth extraction may not be adequate treatment and more treatments may be called for.

Anesthesia for Wisdom Teeth

To make sure you feel comfortable during the procedure, we can use anesthesia. Our sedation dentist selects anesthetic based on the seriousness of your case, your pain tolerance and your preferences. Anesthetic typically is ready in local and general forms.

The days after the treatment will most likely leave you drowsy and sore. Refrain from smoking, hot drinks and hard snacks for the next week or so. Before you go under for the procedure, we'll go over the best recovery to ensure that infections don't occur and your recovery is as comfortable as it can be.

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