When Should Wisdom Teeth Be Removed?

Every person is different, but the average age of wisdom tooth removal is between the ages of 15 and 25. Wisdom teeth are the last adult teeth to grow in your mouth but typically are removed before they have time to fully form. Wisdom teeth are located in the back of the top and bottom arches of teeth, right your throat. They are also the third and final set of molars that grow in your mouth.

There are a couple of dental options for replacing missing teeth. If you have several missing teeth, dentures would be the most appropriate option. But if you only need to replace a few missing teeth, then dental implants are the best People use molars for chewing tough foods, such as meats and vegetables. However, people don’t usually chew foods using their wisdom teeth. They use the molars near the front of their teeth to do most of the chewing.

So, why do we have wisdom teeth in the first place?

The truth is that people don’t need their wisdom teeth. In fact, keeping your wisdom teeth could increase your chances of developing gum disease and tooth pain later in life. If you don’t remove your wisdom teeth as a young adult, it will be more difficult to remove them later in life.

Most dentists will recommend wisdom teeth removal. However, not everyone needs their wisdom teeth removed. It all depends on how well your wisdom teeth grew and whether you experience any unwanted side effects.

Below are the Top 5 Reasons to Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

1) Abnormal Growth

Wisdom teeth don’t always grow symmetrically and vertically. Sometimes they grow at an angle and will overcrowd the other teeth nearby. If the problem is not resolved, your other teeth could suffer permanent damage.

Braces cannot straighten out wisdom teeth. The only solution in this situation is to remove the wisdom teeth to protect your other teeth from cramping.

2) Difficult to Clean

Do you notice plaque or stains on your wisdom teeth? Even if you brush, floss, and rinse your teeth every day, you probably aren’t reaching your wisdom teeth. That is why they tend to develop problems while your other teeth remain fine.

Don’t put yourself through the burden of worrying about cleaning your wisdom teeth. Instead, have your wisdom teeth removed so that you don’t have to clean them.

3) Tooth Aches and Mouth Pain

Tooth Aches and mouth pains are pretty good reasons to have wisdom teeth removed. Since wisdom teeth are difficult to clean, it is easy for bacteria to get trapped in between the teeth and gums in the back of your mouth. Sooner or later, the bacteria could cause a very painful infection.

Sometimes the pain will go away on its own. But you should consult with a dentist if you experience frequent pain in your wisdom teeth. Removal might be the only solution to resolve this problem.

4) Misaligned teeth

Crooked wisdom teeth have the potential to misalign and shift the position of your other teeth. If you see your wisdom teeth pushing against your next set of teeth, then it could be the reason why you have misaligned teeth.

If you remove the wisdom teeth, it could shift the misaligned teeth back into a normal position. Orthodontal treatment will be required to assist with the realignment. 

5) Eating Discomfort

Painful wisdom teeth will interfere with your eating abilities. When food particles reach the back of your mouth, you will feel pain as you chew. And if the food particles get stuck in your wisdom teeth, it is even more uncomfortable.

Wisdom teeth removal could be the only solution for eliminating the discomfort and pain you feel as you eat and chew your food.

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