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Dental trauma is probably not something you think about when it comes to medical emergencies. However, problems with your teeth can be severe and debilitating. They call for immediate care just as much as a bodily injury would. The dental staff at Bright Smile Dental alleviates toothaches, executes emergency root canals and fixes cracked or missing teeth on short notice.

Emergency Dental Services

We offer same-day dental emergency appointments.

Dr. Cheung and the rest of the staff at Bright Smile Dental can help with the following:

Toothache Remedies: Toothaches often seem like a minor problem, but they can lead to major dental issues. Prolonged aches and pain can lead to or exacerbate tooth decay.  If you're feeling any pain or discomfort, contact Bright Smile Dental right away.

Breaks, Chips, or Cracks: You can't prevent accidents, but you definitely shouldn't avoid going to the dentist in the case of a dental emergency. Contact us to set up your visit as soon as possible. If you've been injured, clean your mouth with warm water and apply a cold compress on your face to alleviate pain and swelling. Because Bright Smile Dental may be able to reattach any broken or chipped pieces during your dentist visit, simply bring the tooth to your appointment in a wet towel. Postponing immediate dental care can result in emergency root canals later.

Loosened or Avulsed Teeth: Playing sports is excellent for your health, but sometimes results in injured teeth. Sports wounds can cause chipped teeth and even totally avulse the teeth in certain situations. Bright Smile Dental can help with emergencies including loose or avulsed teeth. Depending on the situation, it is possible to briefly attach your missing tooth until you can see the dentist. If that's not a possibility, rinse the tooth under a faucet. Do not rub, as that may cause root damage.

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Contact Bright Smile Dental as soon as you can in the circumstance of a dental emergency. Our emergency dental team is committed to the Powell and greater Ohio area. Bright Smile Dental is not open 24/7, but we will get you treated as soon as possible. See our office hours at the bottom of our page. You can call our Powell, Ohio office at 614-799-9140.

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