"Dr. Cheung and his staff are amazing. The new office is inviting and comfortable. Being a patient with dental anxiety, they make going to the dentist stress free."

- Christine T

Bright Smile Dental Reviews


Over 200 5-star reviews


5 star rating


4.8/5 rating


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Bright Smile Dental Reviews

"Best dental office I've ever visited! Great staff and atmosphere! They also offer a great program for keeping your smile white and bright! Wouldn't go anywhere else for my dental care!"

-Tommy T.

"Dr. Cheung and his staff did an amazing job with my daughter. She was very nervous about her first dental exam and they truly made the experience a good memory for her. She can't wait to come back. Thanks Dr. Cheung and staff. "

-Amber D.

"I've been a patient of Bright Smile Dentist for almost 10 years. The staff is always pleasant and knowledgeable. Dr. Cheung has always been willing to work with me on pricing even as someone without insurance. I've also been doing Invisalign for almost the last 2 years as my case was a very difficult case. The Invisalign braces allow me to straighten my teeth while being able to still eat whatever I want! Great experience every time!"

-Jennifer B.

"Dr. Cheung and his team pulled two of my wisdom teeth last week. I was so nervous about the procedure, but Dr. and his team made my experience as smooth and comfortable as possible. As much as dental work scares me, I will continue to see Dr. Cheung and the staff at Bright Smile because of my amazing experience! :)"

-Lauren H.

"Love this office and all of the team members that work for Bright Smile Dental. Flexible scheduling, great prices and payment plans for the work I needed done."

-Brittany F.

 "Having been in the military, I've seen many dentists over the years, and Bright Smile Dental is hands-down the best dental practice that I've ever been to. Dr. Cheung is an excellent dentist with great attention to detail. I've interacted with most of his team, including Candace, Robin, Jessica, Kyndra, and Lauren, and they all take great care of their patients, creating a relaxed and professional environment. Dr. Cheung and the team have set up an excellent facility, and they use and have extensive experience with up-to-date equipment and procedures.

I've had a new patient examination, cleaning, and two return visits to replace five very old fillings on both sides of my mouth, and each procedure has been flawless. I'm scheduled to return for an Invisalign fitting to realign a couple of snaggle-teeth, and I have no doubt that Dr. Cheung will square me away. For anyone looking for a new dentist, the Bright Smile family is an all-around awesome dental practice who takes great care of their patients."

-Eric L.

"I have been going to Bright Smiles for a little over a year now, and I will never go anywhere else. As soon as you walk in the front door, they greet you by name and ask how things are going. When they are working on you, they don't just sit there and view it as another paycheck... They talk to you and joke with you, all while being fully professional. If you come here, you will see why I will never go to anyone else for oral work... They really are the cut above the rest."

-Brendon M.

"I've been a patient of Bright Smile dental since 2009 and cannot say enough good things about the staff. They are by far the best dental team I've ever had in my life and I would recommend them to anyone for anything from a cleaning to a crown. They have helped me perfect my smile at a pace that I can afford, and have even thrown in free whitening treatments. They have been tenacious at getting things approved through my insurance companies and helping get the procedures that I need to be covered. Thank you, Bright Smile!"

-Lorna F.

"I am a total chicken when it comes to the dentist but these guys killed it. I was in a chair as soon as my new patient paperwork was filed out, which being a busy person I appreciate, and everyone was super nice. Andrea cleaned stains off my teeth I didn't even know I had and made me 100% more confident in my smile. Dr. Cheung was a very nice and informative dentist and made me feel very comfortable. Super duper satisfied"

-Cody Y.

"Seriously, this is the best dental office I've ever been to. We are going on 5 years with them and have always had great experiences. The office is gorgeous and comfortable, the hygienists are very talented and kind, and Dr. Cheung has found and resolved issues that have been bothering me for years and no other dentist could figure out. I recommend this place to everyone I know."

-Amy J.

"Great experience at Bright Smile Dental in Powell. Dr. Cheung hires friendly staff and they work well with my insurance."

-Rich M.

"We really struggled to find a family dentist we all liked; now we've found one we love! The staff was amazing working with my kids. SO thankful! "

-Alisha & Mike W.

"I would highly recommend Bright Smile Dental. I have been a patient of Dr. Cheung for over 2007, and he has always provided me great care! I have been so satisfied as a patient, that after I had my son I started bringing my son to see him once he was old enough. He has always looked forward to his dental visits and actually thinks of them as fun! I couldn't be happier and would recommend Bright Smiles to anyone looking for a great dentist who treats you like a person and not just a number. 🙂 "

-Crystal V.

"Recently, Dr. Cheung had to redo a crown for me that another Dentist did last year. I have had so many issues regarding this tooth. First I had to have a root canal and after a few weeks the crown. He did a fantastic job, he and Candace work so well together, I just love the atmosphere of the whole office. I recommend anyone who has a dental phobia to come here and be treated like royalty. "

-Robin F.

"What can I say. I hadn't been to the dentist for about 7 years, and with moving and having a daughter that needed her first check up, I knew I needed to find someone. I am so happy I landed at Bright Smile. My family has been a patient of Dr. Cheung's for 7 years and couldn't be more pleased. His staff has always been very welcoming and understanding of my anxiety towards seeing the dentist. Dr. Cheung has always made me feel comfortable and his attention to detail has been greatly appreciated as I have had many dental issues. If you are looking for an honest and compassionate family dentist who care about your dental health, you have just found him."

-Leslie B.

"What can I say. I hadn't been to the dentist for about 7 years, and with moving and having a daughter that needed her first check-up, I knew I needed to find someone. I am so happy I landed at Bright Smile. My family has been a patient of Dr. Cheung's for 7 years and couldn't be more pleased. His staff has always been very welcoming and understanding of my anxiety towards seeing the dentist. Dr. Cheung has always made me feel comfortable and his attention to detail has been greatly appreciated as I have had many dental issues. If you are looking for an honest and compassionate family dentist who cares about your dental health, you have just found him."

-Leslie B.

"The staff here is really nice. Everyone there calls my name which makes me feel at home. The team here is very sincere."

-Liping W.

"The receptionist warmly greeted me when I walked into the office. I sat in the waiting room, which was very warm and comfortable. I was scheduled for a cleaning and went on my lunch break from work. Dr. Cheung and his staff were very proficient at getting me in the chair, explaining the steps of the cleaning, and getting me on my way back to work. I look forward to my next cleaning!!!!!"

-Steve W.

"He's so super nice! And wants you to feel comfy and look your best! Never pushy, always professional! The staff is so personable as well and make you feel very welcome! The atmosphere is a very clean and fairly easy location to find! :)"

-Michael A.

"I started attending Bright Smile Dental in 2012 and absolutely LOVE this office. Doctor Cheung shows great care for all of his patients and is truly passionate about his job. All of the staff are a joy to be around. The office is CLEAN and the waiting area is very relaxing. The billing department is easy to get a hold of and great a processing payment. The updated technology makes it easy to see and understand their care and concern for your mouth/teeth health. Overall my experience at Bright Smile Dental has been a great one. Keep up the good work! "

-Brittany F.

"Bright Smile Dental is amazing! I met Dr. Cheung on a flight and it was fate I was looking for a dentist. Their staff is SO nice, and the building is beautiful. I usually HATE going to the dentist, but they made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Thank you to everyone for taking care of me! "

-Marie H.

"I am new to the area and was very pleased with my experience here. I felt much more relaxed than at previous dental offices. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I love the atmosphere here, quiet and comfortable! Highly recommended! "

-Alissa S.

"I have had 2 cleanings and am currently planning crowns and veneers. Dr. Jerry Cheung and his staff at Bright Smile Dental are all very friendly, professional, and take the utmost pride in providing virtually pain-free dental care. EXTREMELY knowledgeable and very patient with your questions, I highly recommend bright smile dental to anyone needing any kind of dental work for themselves and for their family. On top of all of this their office is beautiful, very well laid out, and extremely comfortable. Thanks for the great work guys! "

-Gino P.

"We just started with Bright Smiles this November. We are very happy that we chose this practice as our new Dentist. We have found that Dr. Cheung and his staff are professional, accommodating, and friendly! Dr. Cheung is extremely thorough with his exams. He and his entire staff go the "extra" mile to make sure their patients receive excellent care. We are very happy we found Bright Smiles!"

-Guz Y.

"I have been with Dr. Cheung for over 4 years and I am very pleased with the work that I receive and the sincere concern of how I feel before I leave the office. Dr. Cheung has the best personality and keeps me laughing. Go figure. The staff is very friendly and so nice. They work well with you and make sure you understand any concern you may have. It is never a dull moment. I am very happy here and I will travel anywhere if I am happy. He keeps me with a Bright Smile.

Join the team, I can assure you that you will be happy too. 🙂 "

-Sophia H.

"What can I say about a dentist that already has 5 stars and 107 reviews? From the beginning, I knew they were different by how the receptionist professionally handled the call, and later, the paperwork. Bright Smile Dental isn't a dentist you loath or fear visiting. The people work together as a team, and I look forward to going there for my appointments."

-Robert M.

"The office was professional and courteous and my cleanings and fillings were done very well. The office is new and modern as is the equipment. Both times my filling performed with the help of an assistant who was brand new to the procedure, which was a little uncomfortable at times, but not a huge problem. Overall, I think this office is a very good place to have dentistry performed."

-Travis S.

"I will say that these people are the best. Dr. Cheung is by far the best dentist I have ever encountered. I have been a patient here for the past 3 years and I couldn't be happier. The staff is outstanding and so caring. Dr. Cheung is a dentist who cares deeply for his patient's care and health. He has helped me every time I have had an issue with my teeth, both good and bad. His office is up to date with the latest technology and you cannot find a better atmosphere. My kids will see Dr. Cheung when they are of age because I believe he will keep their mouths healthy and clean. Again, you cannot find a better dentist."

-John O.

"I've been a patient of Dr. Cheung's for over 10 years. His professionalism, wonderful staff, and beautiful facility make visiting the dentist a pleasure. I highly recommend Bright Smile Dental to my friends and family."

-Brian M.

"I'll be recommending this place to my friends! I enjoyed my visit very much, thanks to the knowledgeable staff. Everything was clean, modern, and Dr. Cheung was awesome. He didn't leave me waiting and gave a great explanation of things I should watch out for. I truly felt like their attention was on me and not on other things/patients."

-Yasmine R.

"Great Dentist and superb office. The office was very modern and the waiting area had nice amenities like coffee, water (without asking), just a warm feeling. Equipment-wise they have all the modern equipment instant X-rays, video cameras for the mouth, etc.

The dentist and the hygiene staff were friendly, intelligent, and funny, and great to work with. I had cleaning then a few fillings were done. Dr. Cheung was awesome. Teeth feel great after and look great now.

Honestly, the best part though is the little things. The chairs are much comfier than normal dentist chairs. Good size TV in the dental cleaning room. When doing the fillings they put on specialty glasses so the light doesn't blind you for the next 30 minutes. And even the toothpaste/toothbrush bag they give you after is in a nice pre-sealed bag with other items in there as well.

All in all best dental experience... for as good as someone drilling into your teeth can be."

-Joseph N.

"Dr. Cheung and his staff members offer a welcoming, supportive, family-friendly atmosphere. Our family of four has a wide range of dental needs that have been met in this office. The quality of care and commitment from Dr. Cheung and his staff is evident from the first contact you have with them. The extended hours that they offer fit into our busy family's schedule. They even have some dentist-fearing family members coming back for regular visits with minimal grumbling. I would not hesitate to recommend Bright Smile Dental to anyone looking for a dental office they can count on."

-Angela A.

"From the moment I walked into the lobby I felt immediately at ease. The office had a very warm, welcoming feel to it. All the equipment and furniture were state of the art.

Dr. Cheung was smart, funny, and to the point. All his staff were friendly, cordial and knowledgeable. Kaycee and Kayla, who assisted Dr. Cheung in working on my teeth, were the best!

The x-rays were done with hardly any discomfort. My cleaning was completely painless. Dr. Cheung even gave my teeth a manicure, which I highly recommend to anyone else (seriously, ask him about it!). I went in for a routine check-up and came out with a much more confident smile!

Thanks Bright Smile Dental for my best visit ever!"

-Bill W.

My first visit to Bright Smile was on a whim. One of my front teeth cracked and it was 5:50 P.M. on a Tuesday night, and Bright Smile closed at 6:00 P.M. I called them and they told me to come right in - which I was already surprised that they would even take a patient at that time.

When I arrived, the dentist looked at my tooth and put a temporary cap on the tooth, without even worrying about the fact that his office closed at 6:00. About half an hour later I was good to go. At that time, the office was closed on Wednesdays, but he told me to come back in the next day and took an impression and made sure the cap fits correctly (he scheduled me an appt on a day his office was closed!). I was very impressed by the amazing customer service of Candace and Dr. Cheung.

The practice is very customer-oriented and they are all very polite and have a great sense of humor.

I have had multiple procedures done since this time, from cleanings, crown work (they made the unpleasant, bearable on this one - impressive in itself!), and a bite splint. They have been very knowledgeable and helpful through every visit and have even fixed my bite splint after procedures that have adjusted my bite (and shifting teeth from my own failure to wear it regularly!).

Very friendly practice with great people!!

-Lee C.

"Dr. Cheung and his staff are wonderful! They are attentive to your needs and treat you like family but are professional and provide top-notch dental care. I switched to Bright Smile Dental 8 years ago after having a bad experience with another dentist and haven't switched since! I highly recommend Bright Smile Dental!"

-Tiffany C.

"I have serious teeth grinding problems as well as other medical issues that make having dental work done very complicated. Dr. Cheung always tries his hardest to accommodate me. During my last visit one of my fillings was so complicated they took several pictures and walked me through every step so I could see what they were doing and appreciate the complexity of my situation. After every filling, I have pain for a long period of time but after this last appointment having three fillings on the top left rear quadrant, a week later I am able to eat fine and have very little pain from the procedure."

-Matt S.

"The team at Bright Smile Dental is the best! They always want to make your dental visit a good experience. When having several teeth worked on at one time they made sure that I was comfortable. I got a follow up call the next day to check on me.
Thank-You Team at Bright Smile Dental. You Rock"

-Tai H.

"If you are looking for a great dentist and staff, look no further. I have been going to Bright Smile Dentist for years. Dr.Cheung is the best dentist I have ever had. He really cares about his patients and he is very nice too! All of his staff is so friendly and they all do an excellent job. I would not want to go anywhere else! "

-Shirley C.