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Whether partial dentures or full dentures, we have the right denture replacement for your missing teeth.

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Missing teeth can affect the functionality and diminish personal confidence, which makes dentures the ideal solution to replace both an upper or lower arch of missing teeth. At Bright Smile Dental, we understand that getting dentures is a big step and patients in Powell, OH, can look to us. Whether you're getting denture implants, partial dentures, or simply denture repairs, you can count on Bright Smile Dental to deliver great results. Dentures can be conveniently removed at any time. They help with everyday processes, such as eating, drinking, and speaking.

Every denture process starts with a consultation with one of our highly experienced staff members, where we make sure that you get the dentures you want. During the consultation, your dental impressions are implemented into an individualized design to ensure the perfect fit. Once the dentures are fabricated by our highly qualified laboratory personnel, they are adjusted to your mouth to make sure you are completely satisfied with the feel and look of your new smile. The professionals at Bright Smile Dental won't rest until they customize comfortable, functioning, and effective cosmetic dentures for you.

Smile Dental provides high quality dentures to the residents of Powell, OH.
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Benefits to Cosmetic Dentures

When you really get down to it, tooth loss can be a serious issue. Even the loss of a single tooth can impact your mouth’s ability to function and it hinders your smile. This is where cosmetic dentures can help. The benefits include:

  • Restoring functionality to your mouth – Dentures have been designed to work just like your normal teeth would. With dentures, you’ll notice your mouth being able to function the way it once did.
  • Freeing yourself from dietary restrictions – When you’ve experienced tooth loss, more than likely you’ve noticed there are foods you’ve had to abstain from because you lost the ability to bite and chew particular foods. With new dentures, you’ll be able to enjoy the foods you’ve had to give up.
  • Improving your speech – With speech, your tongue and teeth play a major role in developing certain sounds. But if you have teeth missing, you probably find that certain words are hard to pronounce. Dentures can certainly help restore your speech back to normal.
  • Improving your appearance – Missing teeth can definitely make people feel ashamed and embarrassed. If you’ve felt this way, dentures can restore your smile back.
  • Getting your confidence back – Along with feeling ashamed, when your smile comes back, you’ll feel that confidence being restored.

If you’re in the Powell, OH, area, then contact Bright Smile Dental if you’re in need of cosmetic dentures at 614-799-9140 for a free consultation.

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