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Designed to improve your teeth health and create an aesthetically pleasing smile.

Better Smile, Better Health

Crowns are used for two main purposes: restorative and cosmetic. Restorative crowns are designed to promote greater teeth strength, repair damage, and prevent tooth loss, whereas cosmetic crowns are placed to cover large, unsightly fillings or weak front teeth to create an aesthetically pleasing smile that will last!


The Process

To prep a tooth for a crown replacement, digital impressions are taken and a permanent crown is created. Based on the circumstances of each case, the crown can either be custom designed in-house or sent to an outside lab. Our in-house designed crowns may be delivered same day! No temporary crowns needed. Designs sent to an outside lab typically take about two weeks to complete, which is why we provide you with a temporary crown to allow for proper eating, drinking, and speech.

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