Cost of Dental Cleaning in Columbus Ohio

Teeth cleaning is the best way to prevent serious oral health issues. Brushing your teeth twice daily is essential to your overall health. It is also important to schedule two professional dental teeth cleaning appointments every year. Unfortunately, only about 50% of adults visit the dentist twice a year. Preventative dental care will keep you healthy.

Avoiding regular dental cleaning puts your health at risk and can lead to costly and painful oral health problems. The good news is professional teeth cleaning is only a call away.

Why do people need their teeth cleaned?

Gum disease is the primary reason why people start to lose their teeth. If you want to prevent gum disease and infections, you should have your teeth cleaned at least two times per year. Professional teeth cleaning will stop harmful bacteria from hurting your teeth and gums.

Teeth cleanings are necessary to sustain your overall health. They’ll prevent the build-up of tartar plague, so you can continue to feel clean and look great. You’ll have the confidence to smile in public without embarrassment or shame. Your regular teeth cleaning will also help keep your teeth white and can even help with bad breath.

The costs of dental cleanings are minimal compared to dentures, bridges, and other standard dental procedures. Teeth cleaning is actually the cheapest dental service available! Preventative care is important and will help you avoid serious oral health issues.

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The Cost of Dental Cleaning in the USA

The United States has a low reputation when it comes to its healthcare and dental costs. However, dental cleanings are more affordable than many people might realize. The average adult can get their teeth cleaned for $119 without dental insurance and $39 with dental insurance. Teeth cleaning for children costs even less, starting at $94 without insurance and $32 with insurance.

Now you might say to yourself, “The monthly insurance premiums must be expensive.” The average dental insurance plan only costs between $10 and $30 per month. Most people can afford an extra $10 and $30 per month if it means that nearly 60% of their dental expenses will get paid in the future.

What’s even better is that most dental insurance carriers will cover dental cleanings without question. After all, it is cheaper for an insurance carrier to pay for a dental cleaning than a more serious dental procedure, such as bridges or dentures. They want to encourage you to get dental cleanings by covering them for you.

Deep Cleaning Services

Deep cleaning is a premium dental cleaning service option. The full name is periodontal scaling and root planning (SRP). Besides cleaning teeth, deep cleaning targets the areas underneath the gum line and the roots’ surface. These are the areas where tartar can accumulate and cause gum infections. When this happens, small pockets form in the gum line. Then you’ll notice you have wider gums that pull away from your teeth. As the gap widens, you’ll begin losing bone and connective tissue in your gums. If the problem does not get addressed soon, you will lose teeth in these areas too.

Deep cleanings are critical. The average cost is $335 without insurance and $117 with insurance. Even though they are more expensive than standard dental cleanings, they are still significantly cheaper than major dental procedures. A deep cleaning will ensure the roots are just as clean and healthy as the teeth themselves.

Why Have Your Teeth Cleaned at Our Dental Practice?

Bright Smile Dental is a professional and reputable dental practice. We accept most dental insurance policies for our dental cleaning and deep cleaning services. But even if you don’t have insurance, our rates are some of the most affordable in the region. You won’t find a more affordable dental practice that delivers such comprehensive teeth cleaning services.

During your initial visit, you will receive a complete dental assessment. It is where we analyze your current dental health to look for existing signs of tartar, plaque, and disease. If we notice any issues in your mouth, we’ll let you know about them immediately and suggest the best course of action.

Your dental health is our main priority. As long as you continue to have regular checkups and ritual dental cleanings, your oral health should remain in excellent condition. If you have any questions, feel free to call or email our staff. We’ll make sure to respond to your questions and inquires as fast as possible.

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