How Much Does a Dental Crown Cost in Columbus, Ohio?

dental crown cost columbus

Dental crowns are the definitive long-term solution for worn-out or damaged teeth. They can protect your teeth from fractures, chips, and decay. Plus, they’re perfect for covering up stained or plaque-ridden teeth. However, is the procedure itself affordable? How much does it cost to get a dental crown put in? The going rate for a…

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Single Tooth Implant Cost Without Insurance

Introduction Maintaining optimal dental health is not just about a gleaming set of teeth; it’s a cornerstone of overall well-being. Poor oral health has been linked to various systemic issues, emphasizing the need for effective solutions like single tooth implants. Beyond aesthetics, the absence of teeth can lead to challenges in chewing and proper digestion,…

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Veneers vs Implants – Which is Right for You?


The world of dental treatments can sometimes be a maze to navigate. There are various procedures and products, each with its own set of pros and cons. On one side, we have veneers – which are thin porcelain shields custom-made to cover the front surfaces of teeth. On the other hand, we have dental implants,…

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How to Fix Gap Teeth

How to fix gap teeth

Are you troubled by the presence of unsightly gaps in your smile? Dr. Jerry Cheung, a seasoned cosmetic dentistry expert at Bright Smile Dental in Powell, Ohio, boasts over 25 years of experience and stands ready to help you reclaim your confidence and achieve a dazzling, gap-free smile.  In this comprehensive guide, we’ll navigate the…

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Can You Get Veneers with Missing Teeth?


Dental veneers have gained significant popularity in recent years as a transformative solution for enhancing smiles. However, many people with missing teeth wonder if veneers are a viable option for them. In this article, we will delve into the subject, address common concerns, and assure readers that there are indeed options available for achieving a…

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What is Cosmetic Dental Surgery?


Did you know that a smile is the first thing people notice when you meet for the first time? And most people believe that perfect teeth make the perfect smile. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry has enabled anyone to achieve the ideal smile. So, what is cosmetic dental surgery? Cosmetic dental surgery or cosmetic dentistry is dentistry…

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